How to translate ‘hoor’ into English

The word ‘hoor’ is incredibly versatile. I just love it. Like the word ‘gezellig’, it cannot be translated directly. Here are some examples of the use of ‘hoor’ in Dutch and their corresponding English translations. Thanks to its strong resemblance to the English word ‘whore’, native English speakers are usually quite surprised when they hear the word ‘hoor’ for the first time. It took me years to be able to use it comfortably in Dutch.

1. Ja hoor: Sure, No worries.

2. Ga maar, hoor: You go ahead.

3. Is goed, hoor: That’s fine.

4. En ja hoor…: And sure enough…

5. O ja wel, hoor: Oh yes, it does / oh yes I can…

6. Zeker weten, hoor: Absolutely!

Dag hoor!


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